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Il Codice Morosini. Il mondo visto da Venezia (1094-1433), Edizione critica, introduzione, indice e altri apparati di Andrea Nanetti, 4 tomi, in custodia, con fac-simile della carta nautica di Francesco de Cesanis datata 1421, Fondazione CISAM, Spoleto 2010 (ISBN 978-88-7988-194-4). – Sole Author Book in Italian (2,335 pp.) reviewed by Academic board on “The Morosini Codex. The World as seen from Venice” published by International top-level publisher in the field of medieval studies known throughout the world by medievalists (Foundation of the Italian Centre for Mediaeval Studies in Spoleto – http://www.cisam.org/en_home.php). – The work is available worldwide, in main university libraries, and more and more used in scholarly publications thanks to an ongoing project of English translation – On this work the author based the international web project (research teams and fundraising in Venice, China, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, India, Singapore, etc.) “EHM-Engineering Historical Memory” (a new ontology for the organization of historical information in the age of data revolution) on intercontinental trade, diplomacy, conflicts and other interactions among cities, nations and continents (1205-1533). – See the review by Sergej P. Karpov in «Srednie Veka», 73 (2012), pp. 361-364 (in Russian); by Dieter Girgensohn in «Quellen und Forschungen aus italienischen Archiven und Bibliotheken», 92 (2012), pp. 752-754 (in German) available on http://recensio.net/r/7bd8ba92dce04dfbbbb00ebc37d889bf; by Chris Wright in «Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies» (in English); Anastasia Papadia Lala in «Byzantina Symmeikta» (in Modern Greek); Dorit Raines in «Studi Veneziani» (in Italian); Patrick Gilli (in French) – http://www.cisam.org/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=743&osCsid=115f973a910897205dfb1a4f1